and then he was 1

Hey Friends! How is your week going? Ours is flying by! It has been a great week of fun and much needed family time. We’ve been disconnecting a bit and enjoying our time together. Anyone else start to feel overwhelmed with communication at times? Phone, texts, emails, social media……sometimes it is a bit much!

What is also a bit much is my emotions as my baby boy is now a toddler! What? How did that happen so fast?

So I thought I’d share how we spent his first birthday day.

First picture as a 1 year old

Coconut pancakes and grapes for the birthday boy!

He approves!

After breakfast we played and got ready to go to his 1 year well baby visit.


He was everywhere!

Our guy was 22 lbs and 28 inches long. We have 8 teeth and are walking and babbling like crazy!

Doctor’s appointment are exhausting. We had to wake the poor guy up to give him his immunizations ¬†shoots. It happens evvverrryyyy time. He falls asleep in the immunizations waiting room and gets awaken with shots. Luckily he is a tough dude and cries 5-10 seconds and then is happy again.

We then went home and napped for 2 solid hours! I was going to take him out for lunch but he did not wake up till 12 so we ate at home and talked to daddy for awhile before heading out.

We headed straight to the mall to play in the indoor play area.

Japan seriously has the best indoor play areas!

Those teeth!

A lady’s man

I think he is going to be a little engineer.

After we played we went for ice!

Since daddy could not be with us for his birthday we decided to go for an ice cream and wait till daddy returned home to do cake.

We did get to FaceTime daddy so he got to join the fun. Mason loved the ice cream!

After we had ice cream we shopped a bit then headed back home to have dinner.

Mason did not last long before he was out for the night.

Happy Birthday baby boy!

I cried thinking how much I wanted a baby just like you and then God blessed me beyond measure with you. Know I cry fearing I will not be good enough for you.

You are your daddy’s soul and my personality!

One thing I know I will not fail at is loving you… are so so loved! Sometimes when I am away from you at work it just hurts my heart! Other times you are ill and driving me crazy and I so look forward to nap time. Then I find myself missing you while you nap.

I pray I will always make you proud baby! I am so blessed you made me a mommy one year ago!

Question: Vanilla or chocolate first birthday cake? Are you an emotional momma?