I thought it was spring?

Hey guys! How was your weekend? I feel like ours was a productive one but man this weather! I am so ready for spring! I see all the pictures of our family and friends back home in the 70+ degree weather and I just want to click my ruby red slippers.

Saturday started off with little man sleeping in a bit (by a bit I mean like 630), which allowed me to get some meal prepping done. I made a huge pan of seasoned ground then divided it in half. Half will be for taco salads and with the other half I made chili <—-because I mean it’s chili weather! I use a chili recipe with no beans from Fed&FitI also made a big batch of seasoned spinach with Japanese root and onions. Seasonings it with garlic salt and lemon juice makes it even more amazing!

After some meal prepping was done we headed out for groceries. The plan was to make a Costco run but a great friend informed me that it is spring break here in Japan. Let me tell you it is a mad house on spring break and holidays in Japan. Since I did not even want to deal with the crazy black friday crowd in March (<—I kid not) we went to a local grocery store instead.

I did pick of this delicious tea while shopping. It is one of my favorites from Japanese vending machines. It is served warm too!

I also ventured out to a home store to pick up some much needed baskets for Mason’s toys. I need at least for it to be an organized mess. Anyone have ideas to keep kids toys neat in the living room bring them on! Our home is two story so their has to be toys down stairs and up stairs too. Here are the before and after pics of what I came up with:

I also picked up this vase on sale then added some flowers. I even had some fun Easter decorations to add to it.

All shopped out!

We finished off our day with a walk to the playground and even made some friends while we were there.

Sunday morning we headed off to church. Mason still is not loving the nursery but I hope that changes soon. Came back to lunch that was already made thanks to the meal prepping. Talked to daddy awhile on FaceTime. Then cooked, cleaned, played and all that jazz.

Wild man!

I meal prepped some more during nap time. I made Mason some pancakes. Half a sweet potato blended with two eggs and cinnamon. Boom breakfast for the week!

I even got a workout in! I was proud because I was not even in the mood thanks to the weather. This is the one I did! Descending workouts seem to always leave you something to look forward to.

Made this delicious super! It is rare when we are not eating meal prepped leftovers.

Then a smoothing golden milk latte.

Now the weekend is closing and it went by way too quick. Countdown till Friday is on!

Later Friend!

Question: It is spring where you live yet?