Intermittent Fasting

Hey Friends! I hope you are having a lovely Monday! The weekends always seem to go by so fast! Today I want to share with you what I have learned about intermediate fasting. I have not had the freedom to try different diets and exercises for a while now. For the last 3 years I’ve been either trying to conceive, pregnant or nursing. I have been so blessed to have these opportunities but for my body they have came with certain restrictions.

While I was pregnant my nutrition and workouts did not change much. I was just focused on maintaining my health and strength. Then once I had Mason I lost the weight very quickly but I found that if I worked out too hard or did not hold onto that last pound or two my supply would decrease. While this was totally fine, now that I am only nursing a couple times a day I am ready to start working out in the way that I want to.

Also, I want to experiment more with nutrition. While nursing I was always focused on ensuring I had enough calories and carbs in my diet to maintain my supply. Now I am hoping my hungry levels not more and I am focus on eating cutting my sugar cravings.

To do this I have started with intermediate fasting. Intermediate fasting has became very popular and is said to help with insulin sensitivity and weight control.

There are different ways to go about intermediate fasting. Some individuals fast one or two days a week. Others reduce their total calories to 500-600 a day a couple of days a week as a fast. Others just simply skip meals a few times a week.

The intermediate fasting i am experimenting with more is the 16/8 method. This involves fasting every day (or most days) for 14-16 hours, and restricting your daily “eating window” to 8-10 hours. We normally have dinner around 530, so if I do not have anything after dinner I can simply push my breakfast till 8-9 o’clock. This is something I have done in the pasted without knowing that I was doing ‘intermediate fasting’. I liked it because I would then eat a bigger breakfast and not have a mid-morning snack. I do drink a cup or two of coffee with almond milk during the fast.


What are my goals for doing this?

First, to keep from snacking too much. I feel better and life is much more simple eating 3 meals with maybe one snack in between.

Secondly, I would like to burn fat and retain more muscle. Researchers at the University of Illinois have found that people who fast every other day lose 90% or more of their weight from fat stores on your thighs and hips. (source)

Lastly, to help with my sugar cravings. Intermediate fasting has shown to reduce and stabilize insulin levels. This can also reduce belly fat.

Is intermediate fasting right for you? I don’t know. That is a question you must answer for yourself.

Intermediate is often not recommended for individuals that are pregnant, breasting feeding, diabetic or under chronic high levels of stress. You should always consult a medical professional when making such dietary changes.

Question: Have you tried intermediate fasting? What are your thoughts?



Disclaimer: I am not a medical physician or registered dietitian. The information I share is based on my opinion and experiences. The information shared on my blog is solely for entertainment and encouragement purposes. What is right for my may not be right for you. Please, check with a doctor before making any fitness or nutrition changes.

  1. Kelli @ Hungry Hobby

    May 9, 2017 at 3:09 am

    Super interesting reasons for trying this! I’m always in support of experimenting with your diet!

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