The Internet Struggle Continues……

Hey, Friends! I miss you guys so! This whole barely having Interest thing is not my strong point. On the bright side, we are having a wonderful time with all our family and friends. Mason has been great as well! You would think that he has been in the family for years the way he just jumps right in with anyone. I love his loving and outgoing personality. Today I am going to share with you guys some more pictures from our visit home. I am also excited about Friday Faves this week because I have found so many new things here in America! #ilivedoverseastoolong 😉

Weekly Round Up


We have been eating all the watermelon and Mason is happy about it! Watermelon is a treat for us back home in Japan. There a watermelon can easily run $18-$30 a piece. Here they are $3.99! What?! Plus we have some sweet friends here dropped us off three watermelons free because they know how pricey they are for us. We are on the last one now.


All the cousin play! I wish these three could play all the time!

Chickens! Mason’s grandmother sent him to town with $5 to pick out something he wanted. Well, we stopped by Tractor Supply to purchase feed and Mason went crazy for the chickens. So, we got him two chickens! His grandmother was a bit surprised to find the chickens at her house! LOL He kept saying chicken and pointing. Our little country boy!


Mason loves to steal mamaw’s glasses! That is going to be fun to break when we get back home.

He has no fear only love for the chickens!

country living

This is one thing I miss about living in the city! Being able to ride the side by side out in the fields. Is it not just beautiful and peaceful to look across and see God’s nature?! Mason was a fan of the cows too!


We are trying to decide if we should trim these curls while we are in…..

More cousin love!


Dinners out with family! We had about 20 people there but could not get a picture of everyone at the same time. I love having everyone together at once. It makes my heart so full!

While the Internet is on my side I am drafting up a post from our trip to the Buffalo Park. In the mean time follow our travel adventures on Instagram!

Question: How often do you travel to your hometown? Do you prefer the country or city? How old was your child before they had their first haircut? 



  1. Laura @ Laura Likes Design

    August 29, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    So fun! I still can’t believe how expensive watermelon is for you guys! That’s just crazy!!

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