It’s Friday Faves!

Hey Friends! How are you? Any big plans for the weekend? We are heading out to get family pictures made in a few hours and I am still clueless on what we are going to wear. I need help over here ya’ll! The weather is suppose to be amazing and warm. Basically, I am just hoping for good hair and a smiling toddler at this point. I am also hoping to get back on the meal prepping train this weekend. It seriously makes life so much easier.

As we do on Fridays I am sharing with you some of my favorites from the week. These posts are so much fun to put together. Share your favorites in the comments!


This is a must! While D was away I made him a Chatbook for 2016! They have made it so easy! Alls you do is connect it with your social media account and it loads the pictures plus the captions. You can edit from there. I used my Instagram. Easy Peasy! I am thinking about doing another one for Mason’s 12-24 months?

P.S. How old is too old to count months?

La Croix Sparkling Water

I think it is the warmer weather but I’ve been all about the sparkling water.

I am really enjoying this new vlog

Wired To Eat

I have just started this book but it has already taught me so much. I love the down to earth way it is written. #teachme

I have been wanting to watch this series. I am pretty much obscessed with the royal family!

Speaking of…..when do people find the time to watch television?


Mason received this one for his birthday and has been loving it!

I am putting this on the meal plan for next week! Looks so yummy!

Just because it’s funny….and true!

Can someone tell me what the big deal is please?

and because always these faces!

Question: What are your favorites this week? Any good books for the summer?