Tips for working out as a busy mom!

Hey ya’ll! How is it going? We had a great weekend. It was a good balance of fun and being productive. The weather still is not agreeing that it is spring but we did sneak in a little outside time. Of course grocery shopping and meal prepping is always on the weekend agenda.

Cutest shopping buddy ever!

Today I wanted to share with you something else that is always on the weekend agenda……workouts! I thought I would share with you my tips on working out as a busy mom. I think these tips are great for moms that work full-time outside the home or in the home. I believe this is a struggle for so many moms. We do not want to minimize the time we have with our family so we often but fitness on the backburner. I get it! I have been there! Honestly, their might even be a time for this. Life is busy!

I do believe it is important to make fitness a high priority though. I want to be the best version of myself for my family. Finding time that does not take away from our littles or incorporating them into our workouts can provide a great balance.

So here are a few things I do to incorporate fitness into my busy days:

  1. Kill it on the weekends

Whether it be a quick 20 minute HIIT workout or a long walk get that workout in on Saturdays and Sundays! On Saturdays I will often take the little outside with me and do a body weight workout while he plays. Playgrounds are a great place to sneak in a workout. Also, long walks with the stroller. I also use this as a mom servile technique if Mason is not napping. Stroller naps for the win!


  1. Use Lunchbreaks wisely

I understand this will not work for everyone but I am lucky it works out pretty good for me. Our gym is only a few blocks from my work so I take full advance of this. During lunchtime I go over to lift weights for about 30-40 minutes then come back and eat at my desk. I choose to lift weights so I do not have to worry about getting all sweaty and gross. If the gym is not an opinion taking advantage of a local park or outdoor space! Many companies even have gyms in their buildings now. That would be a dream! 

  1. Early mornings

This is one that I only do on the weekends now but mornings are a great time for a workout. Little things like laying out your clothes the night before, prepping breakfast the night before and tag teaming morning duties with you partner can make morning workouts much more doable. My little one does not sleep through the night and I get up at 445-5 a.m. so this is one I do not do as of now.

  1. Evening workouts

A lot of people are not fans of evening workouts because this is a time when the body needs to start preparing for rest. I have found it helpful though as working out in the evening does not seem to affect my sleep. Mason goes to sleep about 630-7 at night so I will sneak in a little workout after I lay him down. Activities like yoga or palliates are great for evenings as they do not get the adrenalin going like a HIIT workout or long run would.

  1. Incorporate workouts with the littles.

Mom guilt is real yo! I do not want to take time away from Mason but I want to try healthy for him. This is when I find ways to include him in my workout. He is a great weight to hold for swats and he thinks burpees are too funny! ß– He is wrong! So I use these moves or take him to for a long walk then stop at the park.

  1. Listen to your body!

I am not a personal trainer; I am a busy mom. Sometimes our bodies just need rest. This past year I have not had the most consistent workouts as I have in the past but you know what….that is okay. I’ve been working full time, nursing, completing my master’s degree and my husband has been away. That is a lot of stress on the body no matter how under control I feel (or out of control at times). Exercise is great but it is a stressor. It is important to listen to our bodies when we truly just need to rest. Adrenal fatigue is real and can really sneak up on us.

Now it is your turn….

Question: How do you sneak workouts in when life is busy?