Weekend Camera Roll

Happy Monday my friends! How was your weekend? Doesn’t it go by too fast? We hung out around the house Saturday morning then worked at the church for a few hours before heading back home. Sunday we went to church. We have really been enjoying our Sunday school class. It is about God’s wishes for the family. So much to learn and grow. After church we fulfilled D’s yankiku craving before heading home to work in the yard and enjoy our evening.

Today I wanted to share with you random IPhone pictures from the weekend. I always enjoy seeing these type of posts so I hope you do as well.

Sunday meal prepping! I really love meal prepping. I start around 5 a.m. and it normally takes me a couple of hours. This week I made a Plantain Breakfast Casserole and a BBQ Chicken Casserole. Both are twists from the Fed & Fit cookbook. Then I made a couple of chicken breast and boiled some eggs for salads.

Lastly I made Mason some Chia Seed Pudding. He loved!

Saturday morning nap time reads….plus a smoothie 😉

I sent this to my dad because I was way excited about the warmer weather.

I received some Jamberry samples from a friend. I am excited to try them!

Friday I came home to find the hubs had not only Googled how to make queso dip and went to the grocery store but he was ALSO making it! Happy Cinco de Mayo to me! I am still amazed! It was delicious too!

When we told him the ice cream was all gone! LOL I understand the feeling buddy!

Question: What did you do for Cinco de Mayo? Jamberry nails yes or no?