Why Blog?

Happy FriYAY!!!! I am so excited to enjoy the weekend with my baby boy! Gosh I miss him during the week! I hope you are off to a fabulous day! Spring is being a bit shy on us here. One day it is amazing and the next I wish I wore a bigger jacket. I cannot wait for beautiful weather and to get out and play with our (almost) toddler! I do not know how he got so grown so fast!

His expression this morning was making me laugh! Overalls and plaid! #thosesoutherners

Today I wanted to share with you some thoughts on why I decided to blog. First, I am not a writer. This has been the most intimidating part of the whole blogging thing. I am the girl that types the ramble of thoughts in her head. This does not always reflect well on paper.

What I do believe I am good at is connecting with others. I truly love people! I love to empower and encourage others! I feel that our culture today is so overly critical of each other in all the wrongs ways.

Life is hard! While hard is not a pass to live carelessly without thoughts of consequences, it does call for grace, support and understanding. I believe that if we were more loving and freely communicated, so much of our lives could be easier. We have so much more of the same struggles but we often too afraid to share.

I hope to build this blog as a community of sharing love and ideas about life!

Life is such a blessing and should be lived to the absolute fullest!

I hope you will join this ride with me!

Now tell me: What do you wish others would be more open with about sharing?